3 Days Digital Marketing MasterClass Training

January 16, 2018

January 18, 2018

10:00 To 14:00

Kings Elite Hub 165, Akowonjo Rd Cele Bus Stop Egbeda, Lagos

Event Description

In this New Year 2018, if there is one skill you will need to acquire in order to dominate 2018; that will be digital marketing skill.

Thousands of businesses will be searching for digital marketers to help them promote their products and services online.

2019 Nigeria election campaign will commence in 2018 and politicians will be seeking the services of digital marketers to help them campaign online.

Knowledge of digital marketing can also help you generate extra income through Affiliate Marketing and Blogging.

In this 3 days Intensive Training, you will be learning Digital Marketing Skills that can help you earn more and dominate 2018.

It is a 3 Days Intensive and Practical Digital Marketing Training.

We are only accepting 10 students because we want to provide a personalized experience for each attendee.

Training Modules:

Module 1: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

In this module, we will discuss how Digital Marketing can enable individuals and organizations grow.

You will learn various Digital Marketing techniques.

Topics covered:

  • Digital Marketing Terminologies
  • Key concepts of Digital Marketing
  • Why you should use Digital Marketing
  • Global Digital Marketing Statistics

Module 2: Search Marketing (Google PPC)

The Search Marketing module demonstrates how to execute search advertising campaigns.

You will be learning how to use Google Advertising to reach the exact audience searching for your products and services on Google.

Topics covered:

  • What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing?
  • Pay Per Click Research Tools
  • Search Campaign Process
  • Setting Up a Google Adword Account
  • Creating your rst ad on Google
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Keyword Research
  • Budgets
  • Campaign Management
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Display Network Advertising
  • Conversion Metrics: CPA, CTR
  • Bidding
  • Landing Page
  • Analytics
  • Laws & Guidelines
  • How to ensure you get maximum return on your ad

Module 3: Online Advertising

In this module, we will discuss various types of online advertising and how you can ensure every penny you spend on online advertising have a huge return on investment.

Topics covered:

  • Why you should advertise Online
  • Various Online Advertising Channels
  • How to advertise on Nigeria leading online news media’s like Vanguard, Punch, Thisday, e.t.c without going through them
  • How to advertise on Nigeria leading classified ad websites with just a penny
  • How to monitor your ads for optimum result
  • Mistakes you must avoid when advertising online
  • How to ensure you meet your advertisement goal
  • How to Advertise on Nigeria leading websites

Module 4: Email Marketing

According to research, email marketing has the highest return on investment when compared to other online marketing techniques. It’s very important you build the email list of your target audience when using various online marketing techniques.

Topics covered:

  • Why you need email marketing
  • How to choose a good email program
  • Creating an account with an email program
  • Designing a Newsletter
  • Creating a Webform
  • How to write an effective email copy
  • Scheduling email Campaign
  • Key Terms & Metrics
  • Measuring users engagement
  • How to build an email list rapidly
  • How to use email marketing to attract more sales and grow your business
  • Email marketing mistakes you must avoid

Module 5: Social Media Marketing

In this module, we will discuss how Social Media Marketing can enable individuals and organizations grow.

You will learn various Social Media Marketing techniques.

Topics covered:

  • Social Media Terminologies
  • Key concepts of Social Media Marketing
  • Why you should use Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing

    • Overview of Facebook
    • The different pages on Facebook
    • How to use Facebook Tagging to reach over 200,000 potential people for free
    • How to attract more paying clients with Facebook
    • How to create a Facebook business page
    • How to prospect on Facebook using Graph search
    • How to brand your Facebook Page
    • How to use a secret Facebook to market to over one million targeted audience for free and attract more clients
    • How to advertise on Facebook for more customers
    • How to Use N1,500 to advertise on Facebook & Instagram for one week and attract more customers
    • How to attract international clients with Facebook ad
    • How to get thousands of followers with Facebook ad

Twitter Marketing

    • Twitter overview
    • How to prospect on Twitter & attract more clients
    • How to use a secret Twitter technique to reach millions of people for free
    • How to effectively setup a Twitter page that sells your brand
    • How to advertise on Twitter for more clients
    • How to attract international clients on Twitter

Instagram Marketing

  • Understanding Instagram Features
  • How to setup Instagram Page for your Brand
  • How to get thousands of followers on Instagram
  • How to advertise on Instagram with just N1,000 and attract more sales
  • Free Instagram Tools to enable you to have more Reach

LinkedIn Marketing

    • How to sign up on LinkedIn
    • How to effectively optimize your LinkedIn profile for extra ordinary result
    • Exploring LinkedIn profiles
    • How to have an expert status on LinkedIn
    • How to use LinkedIn search for effective prospecting
    • How to attract high network clients with LinkedIn
    • How to advertise on LinkedIn to a highly targeted audience and attract local and international clients
    • How to attract foreign investors through LinkedIn marketing
    • How to search for investors on LinkedIn


  • Youtube Overview
  • YouTube Setup
  • YouTube Channels
  • How to upload videos on Youtube
  • How to market through Youtube

Social Media Management

  • How to monitor your brand reputation on social media
  • Effective content planning for social media
  • Social media Scheduling Tools
  • Social media strategy development and Implementation
  • How to design images for social media
  • Recommended social media tools for effective management

And a lot more Social Media Strategies you can utilize right now and start generating sales for your brand.

Module 6: Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your business website in order to be listed by search engines like Google when people search for the products and services you offer.

Topic covered:

  • Search Engine Optimization Concept
  • Search Results & Positioning
  • Benefits of Search Position
  • SEO process
  • What you need to know about Keywords
  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • Competitor’s research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Meta Tags
  • SEO Site Map
  • SEO Google Search Console
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Inbound Links & Link Building
  • How Google ranks pages
  • The key ranking factors
  • How to list your business on Google

Module 7: Blogging and Content Marketing

This module covers how you can use Blogging and Content Marketing to promote your products and services.


  • Blogging Fundamentals
  • How to setup a blog
  • Domain name and web hosting registration
  • Installing blog from your cpanel
  • How to choose a good blog theme
  • Setting up your blog pages
  • Posting content on your blog
  • Promoting your Blog
  • How to monetize your blog

Content Marketing

  • What is Content Marketing
  • Types of content marketing
  • How to create good content
  • Recommended tools for creating various content
  • How to distribute your content for maximum impact
  • How to sell your products and services through content marketing

Module 8: Analytics

Without proper Analytics, you will be marketing blindly. In this module, you will learn how to Use Google Analytics to measure, monitor and optimize your Digital Marketing activities.

Topic covered:

  • What is Analytics
  • Key Analytics Concepts
  • Setting up your Google Analytics Account
  • Implementing your analytic code on your website
  • Understanding your audience through Analytics
  • Identifying traffic sources through Analytics
  • Understanding bounce rate and how to reduce it
  • Site Speed
  • Site Search
  • Conversions
  • Reporting
  • Intelligence Reporting
  • Customized Reporting

Bonus Training

Affiliate Marketing For Profit Training

  • The concept of Affiliate Marketing
  • The benefits of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to approach car dealers for affiliate deal
  • How to promote cars online for consistent commission
  • How to partner with Real Estate companies
  • Real Estate companies with affiliate opportunities
  • How to join the Real Estate companies as an affiliate
  • How to promote Real Estate properties online for consistent sales

Feedback from past attendees of our trainings.

“I so much appreciate the training and will look forward to doing business with you”. AHMED AKOREDE

“The training is very informative, please keep it up”. DAVID OLUSEGUN, CEO, Onecloud Ltd.

“A very fantastic training session, more publicity should be utilized so as to effectively convey this important knowledge to young people.” KENNETH O. SULE, Dunamis Foods.

“Very useful and we will be coming back for more practical applications.” CLARKE ENERGY NIGERIA LTD.

“It was fantastic and educating, what I learnt today will go a long way. Thanks and God bless you.” ABAYOMI SARAFA, Freedom Project Campaign

“I hope to get more of such trainings to build my online presence. Kindly send messages for subsequent training, thanks a lot and God bless.” ABIOLA OYEBOLA, Freedom Project

“I just think you should keep it up; you’re doing a wonderful job. So inspiring and educative.” ANDREW FUNMILAYO

“A lot of people think within their mind “If only I could put more values into my business but don’t know how”. This training has increased my knowledge on proper follow up and how to utilize my time while online.” OKWUORE MARY, Mary Favour Enterprises( Motors and Supplies)

“I would recommend people to your training based on what I’ve got”. ADEBAYO ADELEKAN, Startup Plus

“I’ve had a business idea for years now without knowing how to implement it, but this training which I never knew existed before has just opened my understanding wider and better on how to utilize digital tools.” OBIMECHE VIVIENNE UNIQUE, MFE Supplies.

“I just want to appreciate you for your effort in passing out information worth thousands of naira.” RAWLINGS NJOKU, Rikeeh Properties Ltd.

“Seminar was detailed and informative.” NWOKEJI NNAMEZIE, Nanish Tech Services

“Very good, would definitely come back for a repeat class”. ONYEKACHI MGBOJI, Sweettease Cosmetics and Beauty

“Good value and beyond expectation. Thanks so much”. YUSUF AYOFE, DL-Baraq Travels

“The facilitator has great skills of online marketing and deep knowledge of the industry. I would be glad to recommend Kings Elite”. MEROKO TEMIDIRE JOHN, Dominion Consulting

“Insightful, educative and most satisfactory”. ADEYEMI OGUNTAYO, Wrighthome Solution Managers

“It is expository and an eye-opener to opportunities and technology to advance business scope”. JACOBS KOLAWOLE, Corporatefix

“Am impressed by the level of energy and competence of the facilitator”. AJIBOLA PHILIPS

“The training was really helpful and educative”. CHARLES IWUOHA

Who should Attend?

  • Business Owners & CEO
  • Marketing Managers
  • Online Marketing Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Individuals & Freelancers
  • Marketing Communication Managers
  • Advertising & Media Specialist
  • New & Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals Preparing for International Certification Program in Digital Marketing

Participants will also receive:

  • Certification in Digital Marketing
  • One year domain registration and website hosting
  • Training Materials comprises of Videos and eBooks
  • 6-Month free Digital Marketing Mentorship

Venue: Gracious Plaza, 165 Akowonjo Road, Cele Bus Stop, Egbeda, Lagos.

First Batch

Weekdays Class:

Tuesday, January 16 – Thursday, January 18.

Time: 10am – 2pm

Second Batch

Weekend Class:

Saturday, January 20

Time: 10am – 5pm

Sunday, January 21

Time: 1pm – 6pm

Fee: N55, 000 (Over 60% Discount off Standard price of N150, 000 for the first 5 subscribers)

Your subscription for the Training can be made into the below account details:

Account Name: Kings Elite Global Resources Ltd.

Account Number: 0214624497


Lunch will be provided.

We are only accepting 10 students into this training. You need to register fast to be among the 10 students.

More positive feedbacks of our training.

“Thanks for the training, I really enjoyed myself and hope to do business with you guys”. UKAEGBU EKERE, Express Property Realtors

“It was an eye-opener to the world of digital marketing and also very motivational”. EMMANUEL FRANKLIN

“Its really an interesting one, more grease to your elbow”. ZUBAIR ABOUR-RAHMAN, Printex Nigeria

“I love your teaching, I didn’t notice any negative energy. Great teaching”! EBURU ESEOGHENE, Hybrid Global Concept Ltd

“I feel impressed about the class; it’s really a life changing program”. OBINNA NWAOKO, Heavens thought Foundation

“I really enjoyed the practical aspect of the training, well knowledgeable marketing strategies. An Interesting seminar indeed”! OKUNOLA OLUWOLE

“You are a good presenter and keeps your audience engaged from start to the end. Thanks”. GOSPEL TUWATIMI

“This training is the best I have attended so far. Keep it up”. ANNA ANI, God is Good Motors (GIGM)

“I don’t regret coming at all. It’s fully loaded, God bless you”. MARY UMUGHELE, Lapiz Hair and Fashion Accessories

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are also offering a 100% money back guarantee. If after attending the training you did not gain more information or you did not believe the training can impact you in any way, you can request a refund and it will be issued within 24 hours.

We can only offer such a Guarantee because we are sure of the information we will be providing in this training. You have no risk to bear. The risk is totally on us and you can always expect us to over deliver.

Call/WhatsApp: 08095339095 for enquiries and registrations.

Email: info@kingselitemedia.com

P.S. Knowledge of Digital Marketing can open business opportunities and help you have multiple streams of income in 2018 and beyond.


Kings Elite

About the Organizers

Organizer of 3 Days Digital Marketing MasterClass Training

Kings Elite Global Resources Limited is a Lagos-based Digital Media Agency first Established in 2009 as Kings Elite Enterprises and committed to providing excellence in client service.  Kings Elite have been providing Digital Marketing and Website Design solutions in the past 7 years. During this period, the company has not only gained rich experience and exposure to various online marketing techniques, but has also developed advanced Digital Marketing techniques. 

Kings Elite a digital marketing service is designed to help companies build a brand, market products and services, and manage online reputation through social networks. Social network marketing is the growing trend and a powerful medium, which can be effectively used as an online marketing tool.

An effective digital  media marketing campaign requires well thought out campaign objectives, careful campaign planning, social media expertise, advanced writing and research skills, efficient campaign implementation and campaign success tracking procedures. We have all the necessary expertise & skills to ensure a successful social media campaign implementation for your company.

Visit our website www.kingselitemedia.com to learn more about us.


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